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Staying Positive

on March 18, 2012

I’m going to try and leave these posts on a good note.  Through a few examples from the past year, I’ll try and explain what I think digital technology in K-12 classrooms can do, what it can achieve.  There are so many examples of how much students can achieve with access to digital technology, the Internet, and social medias.  Here are just a few.

1. Student Webinar on Digital Learning Day 2012

2. Wojtera’s Words – First Graders Blogging

3.  More K-12 Class Blogs through

4. Showcase of Promising Practices through Digital Learning Day

5. “Students create their own digital learning tools in preparation for future tech jobs.”

Students are creating, learning, and improving their education by using technology.  It’s not going away.  It’s helping them learn and help each other, eventually making more culturally and socially aware individuals for our society.

6 responses to “Staying Positive

  1. My first day being a full time student at Gulf Coast State College in 2008 (I was 43 at the time) my biology teacher spoke of learning. Paraphrased, he said, “You remember 2% of what you read, 10% of what you write and 95% of what you teach”… From that point I would try to learn each subject as if I have to teach it, then I would remember more of the details, especially before a test. I think students could benefit if teachers had students “Teach” a lesson. If a child does a project where they pretend they are teaching a lesson in the class, they would learn a lot about it and better retain it. Recording it helps the child become more comfortable speaking in front of people and they become more articulate.

  2. catalinaq91 says:

    These are great videos! I do like the positivity and i think it’s only the beginning for using technology in schools – the possibilities for the future are truly endless.

  3. Wow that’s really cool. It’s so true how technology is going to take over in the classrooms these days.

  4. Sydney H. says:

    I like the positivity and find these videos really exciting! Of course I can’t find the video now and don’t remember the man’s name, but last week on the radio I heard about a series of youtube videos that a man created to help his niece with her math homework. They didn’t live in the same state and I think maybe not even the same country, so he created youtube videos and posted them for her. Well, apparently whatever he did to teach her how to work through the problems is working for a lot of other kids and he’s becoming super popular on youtube. I just thought that was really interesting and though I’d let you know if you wanted to try to search it out sometime!

    • sushiisgood says:

      That’s actually the Khan Academy! I think I talk about it one of my other posts. They have upwards of 3,000 videos now that other people have submitted for students to use.

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